Donnerstag, 15. April 2010

Bouldering in Sintra and a nice comeback!

Our trip to Portugal was amazing: friendly people, nice weather, nice landscape, nice rock, nice projects and a foot that can stand hard bouldering again!

The first week we checked out a lot of places and I got back into serious bouldering after my injury and did even a few new lines (Zegalot, Nailbiter) in the "7th"-range!

"Nailbiter" - a crazy jump that cost me a lot of skin...hahaha!

Back in Kochel I took advantage of the cold temperatures and the power I gained on the granit and solved an old outstanding project: "Rorschach", somewhere up the 8th bouldering grade.
Very pleasent!

More infos about Portugal will follow soon with more pictures (c by Margit Memminger) and Videos...


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