Montag, 19. April 2010

More good things to say about Sintra

To say it in a few words: Portugal/Sintra was the place to go on Easter! Friendly people, nice weather, nice landscape, nice rock, nice projects and even more nice... . Look at the pictures (by Margit Memminger) and you'll understand!


After our trip to Sagrez in the south of Portugal around Christmas I got an invitation by local climber Fred da Silva to Lisboa.

After he sent me some pictures I was persuaded! The rock looked like a mixture between Joshua Tree and Black Mountains. And we were not dissapointed!

The first day we got introduced into the Lisboa boulder-scene, which welcomed us with open arms and minds. They all got not tired while showing us all their juveniles. Especially Fred turned out to be the perfect guide, because he totally knew, what was good for us (city, beach, climbs).

"Mito", a real beauty!
... Margit, cruising at the Sector Mekka

The first week we checked out a lot of places, climbed with locals and with a big group of spanish strongmen and I got back into serious bouldering after my injury and a two month rest. Soon motivated by the scene and the rock I did even a few new lines (Zagalot, Nailbiter) in the upper "7th"-range! While "Zagalot" (an old project) turned out to be a power-full-body-extension-compression boulder (check out the video below on this blog), the "Nailbiter" occured to be a crazy jump with a nerv-wrecking swing-control. Formally tried by Nico Favresse with a static method I soon realized that my solution would be the jump:


To resume the trip is easy: We're having a very good time, being part of a still virgin bouldering community (that will grow fast), enjoying nice restdays on the beach and in the streets of Lisboa. And when we had to leave, it felt the best! And I found a good, hard line on the last day:

"Gorillas in the bruma"
... waiting for an ascent...

I'm shure that it won't be the last time, that I'll visit "Sintra" and its beautifull rocks.


  1. Nice Post Toni!!
    Excellent having you and Margit here!
    I'm going to get working on the static Nailbiter with the extra introduction moves and Fred has said really good things about that project you left behind so I need to go look at it soon!!
    All the best and see you back here soon!

  2. Nice meeting you guys!! Thanks for the extra lines you open here!

    All the best,