Mittwoch, 21. April 2010

Unfinished Business

Not so new, but anyway good news for me:
I used the newgained-power to get down unfinished business in Kochel last week. On the day I "received" my injury Philipp and me were working on a left-sit-start-project to the "Shaka Zulu" at the Afrika-Wand, that we gave the name "Rorschach". Phillip came close to it, doing a "halfbaked" version.

After the rest I already used the moves to gain strength again, but the attempts were always disabled by my foot. When I came back from Portugal it seemed that the "old-body" was working again, so I managed to complete "Rorschach" and the "Shaka Khan"-Sit-Start (although not with the topout this time) last week. As a gift I also repeated Philipps testpiece "Baby Monsta". All the creations are "located" in the "8th" font boulder grade.

It's getting warmer now, so it's time for some rope-climbing - jipiiieeeee!

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